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What is Cost Sharing?

"Cost Sharing" occurs when the University "shares" a portion of a sponsored project's costs. Cost sharing can take many forms, including payroll, equipment costs, Facilities and Administrative costs, etc. For effort reporting purposes, cost sharing is effort committed in a proposal where all or part of the funding for that effort is not provided by the sponsor. In such a case, the percentage of salary charged to a sponsored project is less than the percentage of effort devoted to that project; the difference represents cost sharing.

For additional information, please see the Columbia University Policy on Cost Sharing at http://policylibrary.columbia.edu/cost-sharing and the Cost Sharing Reference Guide at http://effortreporting.columbia.edu/downloads/cost_sharing.pdf.

You may also contact the Effort Reporting team via email at effort-reporting@columbia.edu.


How to Submit Cost Sharing Information

All cost sharing commitments should be communicated to effort coordinators. Effort coordinators can enter cost share information in ECRT using the “Add Cost Sharing” option from the “Manage” menu.

Instructions on adding cost sharing can be found in the reference guide How to Add Cost Sharing in ECRT.


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